Nothing is Impossible if you are “Determined”

Nothing is Impossible if you are “Determined”: Making goals for life and not stoping till achieving them!! SUCH A CLICHE THING TO SAY…. Its crazy, as we can’t control everything happening in our life. Even Vigourous planing can’t guarantee anything. Preachers will preach, and tell you about all the miserable things you are doing in your Life (which you already know!!). They will give you life hacks, how you can make your life better but guess what their hacks are too Tacky or will need a kind of hard work which only Newton, Einstein can do…

Even if someone comes to me for advice (BTW it is a super rare situation), but still i will not become a preacher as the person asking for solution really knows what to do so wasting energy on that is useless. Instead i would like to cheer them up and would make Frightful jokes on the situation and just move on. Sometimes when someone ask really intence questions about their life, i mean really like how can you even rely on others for such intense things.

So coming on the topic Determination!!!!! if i want to achieve something in my life i can only keep up with the pace, go with the flow, keep the final goal in Mind and with time things happen so Patience is the key. No Matter how badly i want it, unless i have done something to get my desired Result all i will get is nothing. We must not deviate from our goal as if we change the Goal again and again all the efforts made earlier will be useless.

Finally: Stay Away from Negative People and Keep on with small efforts toward your final goal.

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