Koffee with Karan 6: Arjun Kapoor confirms he is not single

Koffee with Karan 6: Arjun Kapoor confirms he is not single: Sunday’s episode of Koffee With Karan began with yet another unfunny, uninteresting and unrelated soliloquy by host Karan Johar. He went on and on about how he has tried several diet plans that all turned out to be complete shams. He said he is currently on the keto diet and introduced his new guest on the show, Arjun Kapoor, as another man on the same diet.

Arjun appeared on the show with his half-sister, Janhvi Kapoor. When asked how she felt about making her Koffee With Karan debut, she said she had practiced the Rapid Fire round on her own a few times.

Karan began the conversation by talking about the dynamics shared by the two as siblings, specially after the death of her mother, actor Sridevi, in February this year. Karan mentioned how Arjun and his sister Anshula comforted their half-sisters Khushi and Janhvi after their mother’s death. Arjun said it was what his own late mother would have wanted him to do. “A moment changes everything, I have been through that moment, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I and Anshula did everything out of pure honesty because we knew that we would have needed somebody at that time. We couldn’t have that but that doesn’t mean Janhvi and Khushi shouldn’t. My mother would have wanted that. If she was alive, the first thing she should’ve said is, ‘Go be there’. Don’t hold any grudges; life is too short,” he said.


However, he made sure his sister Anshula also thought the same about supporting Janhvi and Khushi. “It took me a lot of courage to ask Anshula, ‘I think this is the right thing, what do you feel?’ It was 2 am in the morning and when I told her, the first thing she asked was, “Where are the girls?,” he said. Sridevi died of cardiac arrest in Dubai on February 28. Her sudden death shocked the industry and the entire country.

Karan also mentioned the uncanny coincidence that both Sridevi and his mother Mona Shourie died before Janhvi and Arjun made their Bollywood debuts respectively. While Karan did show Sridevi 25 minutes of Janhvi’s film Dhadak right before she left for Dubai, Mona had seen the trailer of Arjun’s film Ishaqzaade. Arjun said that it was the best memory of his life. He also said that he tried to guide Janhvi and help her as she made her way into the industry and told her how to waddle through the insensitive comments on the internet. He also said that when he made his debut, he wasn’t known as a star’s son as Boney Kapoor was a film producer but Janhvi had a lot to live up to as her mother was a ‘legend’ who defined cinema for a generation and even inspired several actor to join the profession.


Karan then brought up their love lives and questions about who is dating whom. While Janhvi straight up denied dating her co-star Ishaan Khatter, Arjun teased her about him anyway. When it was his turn to reveal secrets, Arjun confirmed that he is dating someone and is also open to getting married. He said that what happened over the last few months and the newfound connect with his family has made him realise that he too wants someone in his life and a stability to ground him. Arjun is rumoured to be dating reality show judge Malaika Arora. The two are often spotted together at dinners and on dates.

More tidbits from the episode revealed Janhvi to be a kleptomaniac, how Arjun’s friends call him ‘Chaach’, and how they have a WhatsApp group called Dad’s Kids where Boney Kapoor keeps sending his old pics with funny captions. Arjun said that it was heartening to see him teach himself how to be a better father and more involved with their kids at this age.

The rapid fire round was uneventful at best. Arjun chose Malaika over Katrina Kaif as the one person to cast in a sexy song. He also revealed how Ranbir Kapoor once advised him to break up with a girl and Arjun regretted following his advice. “Ranbir once gave me relationship advice and I ended that relationship the next day. So, I don’ think this community of actors is very good at giving advice to each other at all. It was Ranbir’s finest performances and considering he’s done Barfi you can imagine. He gave me a take where we were standing on the balcony. He looked into the darkness and he said, “If you’re not happy, just let go.” It was like an Imtiaz Ali film moment. I had an epiphany.”

He chose Anushka Sharma as the actor he wants to work with and when asked how he would react if he woke up from a coma after 20 years, he said he would ask “Where is Anshula?”

In her rapid fire segment, Janhvi said Rajkummar Rao is her first love and Shahid Kapoor is the more talented one while Ishaan Khatter is the sexier one. She would prefer to get locked up in a room with Deepika Padukone over Parineeti Chopra and that she hasn’t seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai yet.

Janhvi ended up winning the Rapid Fire round.

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