Hai Jahan ki tujhko Khabar… Khudse Hai par tu bekhabar….

Hai Jahan ki tujhko Khabar… Khudse Hai par tu bekhabar…. : Yesterday, Someone told me that people should be in someone’s life for shorter span as that is the only way they wouldn’t loose their importance in the other person’s life. Is this true??? if , Yes!! then how people stay together for so long time together without loosing their spark… Crazy!!! .

Obviously Every one is different some people will come to you and say, “Shit!! You are so important to me … Blah blah blah” , And the next moment you will see yourself loosing the respect and importance you had in there life… then what? “Full Stop”… Not friends anymore…   Some will come to you, Wouldn’t say any thing, Wouldn’t expect anything, will give you immense amount of support and show you how important you are to them. Will not ask for any kind of promises and wouldn’t do any fake promises to you.. I would say the second one is the type we all want.

You are inside lonely, so you are looking for people who stay by you. so in that searching mode, you find some people start thinking in you head that they will stay with you all your life but …”puFFFF” they are gone.. Not their mistake too, you were lonely you thought things in your head, expected things from someone you should not.


Emotions have become “Mirage” you see, think that you have reached the ultimate happiness but then you will come to know that its just a mirage and all your happiness will become sadness…

So the conclusion is ….. Stop for Short span relationships.. go for people who love you not you love … this is the only way they will stay or want to say forever.. don’t compromise you emotions .. If you have doubt on someone’s loyalty then just let them go if they were your …they will come back for sure

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