Is Banning Pubg Really Going to help? As people will do what they want to

Is Banning Pubg Really Going to help? As people will do what they want to: Almost every day we go through the newspaper, internet or any other medium and know about the things happening in the world. We feel amused, ridiculed, stunned, shocked, pitied, and much more. Same thing happened with me today when I woke up with a image of a newspaper article which said that PUBG and one more thing i.e Some Momo Challenge is banned in Gujarat and 10 Children who were caught playing PUBG in Rajkot were arrested by the police. The reason given was that this game is effecting children’s mind, behavior,  language badly and making them more aggressive. As I have also played that game, I didn’t feel more aggressive or the people with whom I have played with seem to be changing after playing this game. I really feel that there are many topics which must be looked after rather than this.

A fact to consider

Parents in Gujarat have complained that this game is distracting their students from studies, which could be a fact to consider but making the game illegal is not the solution. If they are not studying then parents must counsel them that what they must be doing.  If they will not play the game they will do something else for enjoyment and there are many similar games in the market so they can play them also. You can’t force something on someone. If a person wants to do something then he or she will surely find a way to do that. It is a personal choice  that what interests a person and playing a mare game can’t make a person violent.
They have also sent the notice to Tencent games Corporation

Many more aspects that need attention of lawmakers

Many Criminal, Drug Dealer, Rapist, Hackers, Fraud, terrorist are freely wandering in this world but the kids who are playing PUBG are getting arrested. Its very Ironical, that many things that need attention of people don’t get it and a stupid game is getting such a hype.

Technical Aspect

People are saying that Primary school students are playing PUBG and as they are young they are effected hugely by this game. But the fact is that Ironically, the game is rated for 16+ years old only, on play store. So primary students are out of question.

Why Should one play this Game

Banning the game for everyone is not a good idea. People over a certain age should be allowed to enjoy it, After all, it’s all about entertaining ourselves. Being a regular player of this game, I believe, it forces you to think and act quickly. Helps you in learning teamwork ( very important while playing in squad or duo, pubg players know this). By playing against a real person you are forced to face a new enemy, a new strategy and a new way of thinking every time. It’s just that knowingly or unknowingly we develop the skill of reacting quickly.


Parents don’t want to do the hardwork of convincing their children to focus on studies either they have filed case against the game and imposed a ban on the game as it is distracting them from studies and they are learning bad things from it. It is parents who counsel their children and show them the right path. If today they are doing a thing which they think is bad then there are many things in this world which could be bad for them. It is not possible that every thing could be banned. So they must do something on their own to deal with their Problems.

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