I know it’s not easy and it never was and trust me!!

I know it’s not easy and it never was and trust me!! Never going to be also. The thing is that if it was easy then we would never be like we are. If we hope that some problems or hurdles that come in our life, must have not come to us then we would never be this strong, we would have never be the way that we are.

We complain a lot about our situations, Why did this happen to me?? Why only me?? Why am I so unlucky?? And so on.. But if we think rationally, who in this world will say that I am 100% happy or things happening are 100% satisfying??

It could be possible that a person having all the happiness in life would be crying over a small issue and thinking that life has nothing left to live and must be missing all the good things happening just because of a single thing which is not good… life is crazy!! Someone is crying that they can’t have their favorite meal and on some other place someone will be finding left overs from dustbin and after finding some would be happy as hell. Someone is crying thinking that they don’t have a high profile job or not earning much but somewhere a lay man after a full day of hardships would be happy that he is able to feed his children. Someone would be crying after getting a bruise and cursing god that why it happened and somewhere someone would be fight cancer with a broad smile on face and a will to live more.

So, the matter Is then, how can we be happy?? The real answer will be , by not doing anything… Specifically, by going into details I would say that when we think about something unpleasant then only we start feeling depressed so why do we have negative thoughts??.. Nobody is to be blamed for that only we choose how we think or I can say that our genes do that. Our childhood also plays a very important part in how we will become when we grow up. When we are young we hold up to things and at that time we don’t even realize how much it affect our way of thinking so a kid must be counseled properly and must be taught how to deal with situations. For now just stop negative thoughts and hope for good things to happen in all the situations.

Its very disturbing that when we are ill we go to a doctor but when we are depressed about something then we don’t even tell someone. These kind of things mess with my brain!! I want people to put themselves on priority list and care about themselves more then anything in this world, As it is said,”Jaan hai to Jahan hai”. Obviously we must care for other people’s feelings but that shouldn’t mean that forget yourself.

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