India is a land of villages and farmers are the soul of the country

India is a land of villages and farmers are the soul of the country: India has a diverse culture. In India, around 22 major languages and 720 dialects are spoken. People of all major religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism live here. People here are engaged in all sorts of professions but agriculture is the main occupation here. This is why India is also known as a “Krishi Pradhan Desh”.

Role of an Indian Farmer

This is the reason why a major percentage of our population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. It would not be wrong to say that farmers are the backbone of our nation and also, they are the driving force behind the Indian economy. Yet all is not well with Indian farmers. They continue to live a life of poverty and misery. Still, they play an important role in nation building. Some of the important roles of farmers are discussed below.

  • Food Security is National Security

As we all know that food is the basic necessity of life. This is why in olden times, food grains were stored in large quantities in forts, so that in times of war, when outside supply would be stopped by the enemy, still there would be food to eat. The same logic is valid even today. As we are “self-reliant” in terms of food grains, no country can blackmail or threaten us. This became possible only because of the hard work of our farmers.

  • Drivers of the Indian Economy

Farmers contribute around 17% to the Indian economy. Indian agricultural exports were around 33 billion US dollars in 2016-17.

Everything is not Right with Indian Farmers

One would expect Indian farmers to be prosperous because of the value of the exports, but the reality is just the opposite. They are committing suicides, are trying to leave the profession, migrating to cities, and could not even able to manage 2 square meals a day.

There are so many things that have to be blamed but one thing is sure that if the problem continued soon we may become a “food importer country” from “food exporter country” which we are now.

Due to large-scale agitations and farmer suicides, the issue of farmer problems have been highlighted but “are we doing enough”? That’s the million-dollar question we have to answer. When our “Annadata” is being forced to commit suicide, then really it is something to worry about.

Solutions for Improving the Condition of Farmers

  • Proper Insurance

As crop failure can occur due to many reasons, therefore proper insurance facilities would be quite beneficial to the farmers. It would be better if the partial or whole of the premium could be paid by the government as many farmers are poor and can’t afford to pay the premium.

  • Compensation

From time to time the government provides compensation to farmers in case of crop failure. I think it is a temporary measure and not a permanent solution.

  • Availability of Easy Loans

This is one of the important factors. If easy loans are provided to farmers, their condition will surely improve as they will be able to buy good quality seeds from the market.

  • Reduction in Corruption

If we are able to control corruption then the benefit of the various schemes will reach farmers and their condition will get improved.


In the last, I would only like to say that, its high time, we have to do something urgently otherwise things will definitely go worst.

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