Criticism only depends on us how we take it and make it our strength

Criticism only depends on us how we take it and make it our strength: what happens when someone criticize you? you become annoyed and start to think that why is this person so mean to me… but deep down you don’t know that if really someone care then only they have a reaction otherwise they would have let you do whatever shit you want to do. Criticism can take you places only if you take it sportingly. nowadays people have less patience and want to do things their own way. But “Hello”… Come back to reality and please stop pretending to be a victim as you are not, this is something you have chosen on your own. Plus, until you are a pro… people will correct you in their own way.

Telling them to back off wouldn’t help you much. In a process of learning something we didn’t become great over hours, it takes a lot of hard work and patience and only by knowing the things which are wrong can only help us to do the right thing.

A strict person may seem to be pain but will end up teaching you more. On the other hand the lenient person will end up screwing you as you will think the journey was like a picnic and afterward you are left with the same version of yourself as earlier. Moreover if you don’t like someone pointing out your mistakes then you can hire someone who will praise you falsely and you can enjoy it and think how great you are.

Thinking that you are over smart and your “know it all” attitude will take you no-where as if you show that you know every thing then you will never learn even the basics of simple things and learning will become more complicated. Being grounded sometime make it easier for you to connect to people around you and helps you to learn more and more. Eventually our main topic is to learn as much as we can and only by knowing our limitations and getting rid of them will make us Unstoppable.

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