Being angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

Being angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die: Things around us will not happen according to us. Nobody promised that they will always be according to our suitability. Not Everyone is going to please us, moreover some will hurt us in a way that we would be devastated. Some will show us that they are the best and they are affectionate towords you. After knowing their true plans you will choke on thinking about those words of them which were pleasing at that time. because life never stops so you must learn from your mistakes and become a better person.

Thinking all the time about the things which could happen will take us nowhere, Being angry will also make us more sad as we will be more hurt and will think about the situation more and more. forgiving will only be helpful if we really are able to forgive a person. Just by showing that a particular situation doesn’t effect us will always create conflict with our mind as we show something but feel something else.

Forgetting is the best way, Its hard to forget something initially but eventually human brain can’t keep up with whole lot of stuffs. So, we can really forget things but we have to be determined in our mind and just never think about them ever again.

Something Over-thinking creates hustle as when we think again and again about a single thing and conclude it again and again then sometimes we reach to a conclusion so disappointing that we some become fearful of that particular topic. We complicate the things on our own and somehow fall in the trap of our mind and stress ourself on very normal things.

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UPDATED DATE : May 10, 2019  5:08 PM

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